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Liquor tasting. Lipanović, Vis, Croatia

  Two nights ago I came back to lovely Vis and one of the highlights so far was the local winery, Lipanović, we visited to see if they could supply wine and liquors to Fort George. With us home we got about 9 different liquors (or Rakias as they call the non-sweet grappas in Croatia) and we had a taste session. There were all … Read More Liquor tasting. Lipanović, Vis, Croatia


Vis, Croatia

A big mix of posts from different locations have lately filled the blog and I hope it will make it even more interesting rather than confusing. And today is yet another place – right now I’m on Vis island in Croatia. Vis is almost like my second (or third) home and is, as well as Greece, a place I’m returning to for the fifth year in … Read More Vis, Croatia

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