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Sneak Peak

It’s been over a month but it’s very exciting to see that many of you are still browsing PourYou every day! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately and full coverage is to follow… Christmas Food. Reindeer, Wild Boar and Elk Winter Barbecue NYE in Bangkok Sailing Eating! Our wonderful chef onboard, Dao, made thai food better than any restaurant we visited  A great … Read More Sneak Peak


The Curry Addiction (Pssst.. Recipe)

Mediterranean food is excellent, we can all agree on that. The italians know the real meaning of al dente and the greeks know how to drain a cucumber. The sun ripe veggies are one common, strong advantage but there is one component they’re lacking –  (basically cause they don’t need it when they get so much flavour from home grown’s, but anyways) HOT SPICES. The … Read More The Curry Addiction (Pssst.. Recipe)


Tuesday Special at Bodhi Tree

On my way home from work today I took a detour by Broadway to do some shopping. Two of the most loveable persons are getting married once I get home so I need everything ready for that. Shopping is exhausting and it adds on with a laptop in your bag. Planned to bring thai food home and pass out in my bed but when … Read More Tuesday Special at Bodhi Tree

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