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Soho, List of Top Restaurants

Correct me if I’m wrong but Soho must be one of London’s most restaurant and bar crammed area. I always tell visiting friends to go to there if they’re central. “You will find everything in Soho!” Yet, I’m not happy with my list of restaurants in Soho. In general they’re too expensive and a lot of them need reservations. Can you please help me … Read More Soho, List of Top Restaurants


One night in Madrid

A couple of weeks ago I speent one day and one night in Madrid. First time for me – What a nice city! First thing on the do-to-list was ham hunting. I could consider ‘mission complete’ quite fast! Here at the National Library – never seen a flag like this! MASSIVE! In the evening a group of us went out for the one and … Read More One night in Madrid


Friday Night – Time to try The Ivy

Hello Friday! Best day of the week, right? Here is a quick tip if you have no dinner plans tonight.  THE IVY. (Close to Leicester Square, Covent Garden, SoHo. Perfect if you’ve been to a show!) It’s located in a beautiful building which acts as a private members club but luckily the restaurant is open for everyone! I was there last Friday and had the pleasure … Read More Friday Night – Time to try The Ivy


New Friends and New Restaurants

Friends are great! Old ones and new ones. If it weren’t for my old friends (well, all of them are actually pretty new as well but I met them before NYC) I wouldn’t be able to come and do my internship here. Im couch surfing at their places and they are showing me around the city. I met a new Swedish friend here and … Read More New Friends and New Restaurants


Blueberry Bagels?

The one thing that I was most excited about before going to New York was to have Blueberry Bagels again. When I lived here 4 years ago I had it several times every week. Dunkin Donut’s Blueberry Bagels with Creme Cheese and Chocolate Milk to that. My obsession even made my boyfriend-to-be go around the whole London town without finding any and as a result he … Read More Blueberry Bagels?

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