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To make things a bit more easy I will make a Summary of restaurants I recommend from the cities I visit. Each link will take you to another post where I review the place. First out: NEW YORK CITY. El Cantinero (86 University Pl) Mexican Restaurant with all the right elements! Westville (173 Ave A) American.  Have anything beside a Greek Salad (Mac and Cheese is … Read More NEW YORK CITY SUMMARY


3 more places to visit in NYC

Penelope (159 Lexington Ave) A cute and almost British ambience is the impression of Penelope. A good spot for a date-brunch or catch up with the girlfriends. Nutella French Toasts, One Night Stand Waffle, and When Veggie met Sally are all featured on the brunch menu. They are also opened for lunch and dinner! Taste D’Lite After a while, all the frozen yoghurt gets … Read More 3 more places to visit in NYC


Mexican Fiesta

Something I will miss from NYC, and I guess the US in general, is the big selection of Mexican food. Every corner offers at least a couple of eateries and Chipotle is never too far away. You’ll find Chipotle and other Mexican restaurants in London as well, but you never “happen to run in” to one. And the variety of the dishes is also much … Read More Mexican Fiesta


5 “Trends” I would like to bring back to London

As Im coming to an end of my New York-staying I’ve started to evaluate the goods and bads of this city. Here are 5 “trends” I would like to take back to London (or where ever I go) and 1 that I wished existed here. 1. Brunch Parties. NYC is famous for its brunch parties and London (and of course other cities) is taking after but … Read More 5 “Trends” I would like to bring back to London


5 places to visit in NYC

I have been to quite a few places since I came here and I don’t have time to write about them all. But here is a recap on five of them:   The Frying Pan (Pier 66 west 26th street) Trendy but casual restaurant/bar on a ship – a perfect spot to watch the sunset while the DJ spins his music. Good burgers and amazing … Read More 5 places to visit in NYC

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