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Another tick off my Burger-list

A couple of days ago I wrote that I wanted to go to Le Parker Meridien. Well? Of course I went there! So – Le Parker Meridien (119 west, 56th street) is a fancy hotel on one of the streets close to Central Park. The lobby is enormous and you could almost get lost in the place. No one would ever think there’s a burger … Read More Another tick off my Burger-list


POPular Burgers

I have a long list of burger-places I should and want to try before I go home. The Spotted Pig and Le Parker Meridien are two of them and I had POP-burger on the list – until the day. Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do. Someone cancelled a date? Don’t have any friends? Waiting for a better day? Well … Read More POPular Burgers

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