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Celebration Day with Chutney Baked Camembert

Monday was a very special day for me. I handed in my dissertation which meant three years of university were DONE! We celebrated with bubbles, cheese and future planning!     My contribution to the table is unfortunately not in the picture. At this very moment it was melting in the oven. Listen to this: 1) Dust a camembert cheese with curry powder. 2) Smear mango chutney all … Read More Celebration Day with Chutney Baked Camembert


The Curry Addiction (Pssst.. Recipe)

Mediterranean food is excellent, we can all agree on that. The italians know the real meaning of al dente and the greeks know how to drain a cucumber. The sun ripe veggies are one common, strong advantage but there is one component they’re lacking –  (basically cause they don’t need it when they get so much flavour from home grown’s, but anyways) HOT SPICES. The … Read More The Curry Addiction (Pssst.. Recipe)

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