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Birthday Pastries from my Grandma – Recipes!

For my birthday my grandmother made me my favourite pastries. The butterflies are called Struvor and are made of a batter similar to the one you make for pancakes. You fry them in oil so you’ll need a special iron to get the shape. Traditionally they are only made for Christmas but my birthday got approved as valid exception! Even though Marta Stewart isn’t … Read More Birthday Pastries from my Grandma – Recipes!


Surprise Party

I have had such a great birthday weekend with my close ones! Right now I’m at Landvetter Airport waiting to board for a Heathrow Flight! See you soon London   On Saturday morning I received a note saying “Be ready at 7.30, wearing this hat” My friends had arranged a surprise party! The evening started off with a favourite “Swedish” dish – Kebab Platter! Happiness.    … Read More Surprise Party


Birthday Weekend

Today I’m flying to Sweden to celebrate my birthday with family and close friends. I’m trying to be better at Instagram so you can follow me there as well if you wanna see the festivities. @SaraMangsbo My birthday last year And two years ago when I celebrated with mini burgers and candy!

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