Samples of previous work

ELDSTICKAN needed help to define their brand strategy and by conducting interviews with the company’s founder, PourYou created a complete Brand Guide including a value proposition, vision, brand voice, company story and much more. PourYou also helped ELDSTICKAN, as they were re-launching their website, with copywriting, proofing, content strategy and translation.

Volvo Museum_gammal ny hemsida.jpgVolvo Museum launched a new website and PourYou helped with content strategy, copywriting, translations and more.


screencapture-mackmyra-mackmyra-whisky-blog-2018-10-23-21_16_35Skärmavbild 2018-10-23 kl. 21.31.28

Swedish whisky brand Mackmyra has commissioned PourYou to help with copywriting, translations and content consulting. The content is published on different platforms such as blog posts, newsletters, press releases, website copy, brochures, product sheets among others.


I project-managed the development of a digital platform for Land Rover, where all its editorial content was gathered. This platform was updated frequently by using an editorial calendar, ensuring customers and subscribers were regularly fed with interesting insights, articles and news about their favourite brand.


I have written over 100 advertorials promoting Swedish brands internationally. This type of copywriting also works very well for website content. For while, in producing advertorials, I’m interviewing companies specifically about their requested focus for the moment, the copy can also be turned into a compelling story for customers and prospects.
Adam/Albin, Mösseberg kurort, Rörstrand Museum, Sigtuna Stads hotell, Sundsvall and The Tree Hotel are a few of the customers I have written such content for.


Emma Ferien sends out a newsletter to its customers and prospects every new season to promote their holiday homes in the Austrian Alps. Based on the client’s requests, I write the copy and choose complementary imagery and design the layout. I also manage the proofreading and translation of the newsletter into German, which goes out to a broad European audience.



Swedish retailer Clas Ohlson publishes a customer magazine packed with crafty tips. Working closely with the client, I project-managed one edition for which I co-ordinated writers, photographers, interior designers, location scouting, photo shoots and designers.


Land Rover Onelife 2016

I also worked on the printed version of Land Rover magazine Onelife for several years. In addition to be on top of timelines, budgets and coordinate photoshoots I managed the distribution to over 50 markets and translation into 15 language versions. Using real translators and sub-editors who understood the brand language, and not translation software, was very important to assure high quality editorial content.


FedEx Newsletter 2017

FedEx Europe asked a new agency to produce their ‘eNews’ newsletter that goes out to 20 markets. Working on the agency side, I put a new, refined process in place to make sure the transition went smoothly for both parties. I also introduced a new email template, an editorial calendar, which we backed up with a rich content bank, and an A/B test-plan for the email.

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