Soho, List of Top Restaurants

Correct me if I’m wrong but Soho must be one of London’s most restaurant and bar crammed area. I always tell visiting friends to go to there if they’re central. “You will find everything in Soho!”

Yet, I’m not happy with my list of restaurants in Soho. In general they’re too expensive and a lot of them need reservations. Can you please help me build this list with nice, affordable, “pre-party-feeling” places? I know there must be loads of them!

In the meantime: Here’s my list!

1. Bob Bob Ricard
I’ve been to Bob Bob three times and the food is without exception magnificent. However the bill always arrives with too many zeros so save this place for celebrations and special occasions!

2. Ceviche
Good food and a nice vibe but again on the expensive side as they encourage the (small) dishes to be shared and they are around £9 each.

3. Randall & Aubin
The most recent restaurant I visited in Soho. Nice seafood and a mix of French and British classics. Prices around £15 for a main.

4. Zedel
Brasserie Zedel has been around for almost 100 years and also consists of cabaret venue The Crazy Coqs and bar area Bar Américan. I’ve only visited the bar which made a great stop between dinner and further clubbing. Can’t wait to try the restaurant – the french menu looks for once really affordable!

5. Wahaca
Nice when you’re up for some “Mexican market eating”. Good food but Mexican can be so much better…

6. La Bodega Negra
More “high end” mexican than Wahaca. La Bodega Negra is a cool restaurant and perfect before you go out but again on the expensive side. Only go here for dinner, lunch/café is quite boring.

7. Banana Tree
This is my only affordable contribution to the list. I could go to this IndoChina place solely for their Ying Yang Laksa soup and Lychee and Lemongrass Cooler!


This is it! How can I come up with only 7 options? And not one would be my “everyday restaurant” You understand I need some help here right? Please comment!


We can also work on another list:

Don’t go to:
Balance Café,


Whoopie Pie Disaster

2 days ago I tried to make whoopie pies for the first time. Didn’t sound too complicated and I had the best ones in mind: Lemon with raspberry mascarpone filling! How can it go wrong?! Well.. let’s say the Croatian baking powder wasn’t that collaborative this particular evening and the pies came out even flatter than when I put them in the oven.

Oh well. Next time! Anyone sitting on some expert advice when it comes to whoopie pies? I really want to make the mini ones!

Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest!

At least raspberries and mascarpone are a great combo which you can eat without the pies! Even a whole batch…


Split, Croatia

New day, new place! Split

DSC_1397 DSC_1399 DSC_1402 DSC_1396



Everyday Breakfast


Whip together 1 mashed banana + 1 egg + coconut + cinnamon

Fry on medium heat

Top with greek yoghurt and fresh fruit (kiwi, raspberries, orange, melon, blackberries etc etc)


Vis, Croatia

A big mix of posts from different locations have lately filled the blog and I hope it will make it even more interesting rather than confusing. And today is yet another place – right now I’m on Vis island in Croatia. Vis is almost like my second (or third) home and is, as well as Greece, a place I’m returning to for the fifth year in a row.

Vis has history of belonging to many different countries, including Italy, Austria and United Kingdom and was also a hideout of Tito, the leader of the Yugoslav resistance movement. The island didn’t open for tourism until the 90’s why there are yet no big hotels  nor charter trips here. The only ways you get to Vis are by sailing or by regular ferry from the mainland – Split.

Overlooking Komiza, the village on the west side of the island Vis

One of Tito’s hideouts

Today I’ve been watching the restoration of Fort George, which is soon to be open and will act host for art, music and culinary experiences, and soon I will go down to my favourite restaurant here – Lola. The place opened last year and was warmly welcomed as an option to the plain grilled fish and boiled potatoes. Let’s see if they kept the high standard!

IMG_20120820_233047 Fish and beetroot risotto and Lola’s signature cocktail from one of the many visits 2012IMG_20120820_223642 



How Mykonos proved me wrong


Greece is one of my top destinations in Europe and as I returned for the fifth year in a row I did it in a, for me, new way. Instead of executing my main summer activity: sailing around Saronic islands like Hydra, Spetses and Poros I went on a graduation trip to Mykonos. For 12 days. T-w-e-l-v-e days – on one island! As sailing means a new island every day I must admit I was a bit worried and looked for different day trips to islands close by. Unfortunately Mykonos only offered one or two less interesting options as the islands in this area are so spread out.


Luckily Mykonos proved me wrong. The windy party island has plenty of nice beaches and a lively downtown with restaurants, bars, clubs and shops that actually sell other goods than olive soaps and Mykonos-shirts. Off course you can find this as well if you fancy souvenirs! We stayed at AMAZING A-Hotel, which I will come back to in another post, danced some of our nights away while other nights were dedicated to some well deserved sleep after the maraton-writing of dissertations we all had gone through a couple of weeks earlier.

DSC03487 DSC03484

When I’m in the gassing sun 24/7 and the acrobatic move I make when putting sunscreen on my back is the only existing exercise I get my appetite changes somewhat from normal. Good for me that the Greek cuisine is at its very best when it comes to smaller dishes. My top-6:

Cheeses like feta and halloumi served fresh, grilled, baked or fried as in Saganaki. Anything goes!

The classic Greek salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese and often capers

Pita Gyros. Wrap with meat (think kebab), tzatsiki, fries and some veggies. (Best fast food in the world, normally just €2!!)

Dips and spreads like tzatsiki and fava with bread

Fried calamari

Keftedes – meatballs with different herbs, often in tomato sauce

DSC03537 DSC03468

DSC03473 DSC03463

Popular bigger dishes are moussaka (the “Greek lasagne” with eggplant, minced meat), souvlaki (meat skewers) and all types of fish and seafood.  Overall we were very lucky with the food wherever we went on the island – nothing you can’t always count on when visiting other Greek touristic islands.

DSC_1319 DSC03497

For my next Mykonos post I will create a to-do-list!




Just got back from 12 amazing days in Mykonos. Stay tuned!

DSC_1347 DSC_1254 DSC_1379


Mother’s Day at Kungskvarnen and Sliperiet, Sweden

Right now I’m home in Sweden at my parents place and today we celebrated Mother’s Day. They live in a region called Värmland, also were I grew up, and I love coming back here. The deep forest and clean air make me so happy and peaceful!
Today we went to Borgvik for a 3 course lunch at restaurant Kungskvarnen.

varmland_kartaMy mother and grandmother

DSC03374The restaurant offered a special Mother’s Day set menu with two options for each course.

I think I chose the winning concept:


Fillet of deer marinated in port wine with sweet potato crisps and Jerusalem artichoke purée. Luckily it tasted better than it looks! I believe they can work on the presentation.. My dad thought it looked like the pig’s ears our dog eat. 


My main course was butter fried cod with potato cake, seafood&saffron sauce and sugar peas. 


Option 2 as a starter was lime preserved char with mango salsa


And option 2 as a main was duck breast marinated in red wine with root vegetables gratin, cognac & lingonberry sauce and parmesan asparagus. 

What combination would you prefer?


No option for dessert – Strawberry gateau for everyone!!

Afterwards we went to gallery Sliperiet, only a couple of minutes away from the restaurant. Among others, David LaChapelle and Lovisa Burfitt were exhibiting on the ground floor and glassworks from Kosta Boda were shown on the first floor.


DSC03379 DSC03382 DSC03387 DSC03391 DSC03394 DSC03397If you one day find yourself on a road trip in Sweden, make sure to drive by Borgvik and Kvarnen and Sliperiet! It’s beautiful. The location also has hotel rooms and good opportunities for weddings and conferences. The food was great, local and organic and I’d love to come back for their a la carte menu!


Happy Mothers Day, Mom! ❤


Celebration Day with Chutney Baked Camembert

DSC_1184Monday was a very special day for me. I handed in my dissertation which meant three years of university were DONE! We celebrated with bubbles, cheese and future planning!





My contribution to the table is unfortunately not in the picture. At this very moment it was melting in the oven. Listen to this:

1) Dust a camembert cheese with curry powder.

2) Smear mango chutney all over it.

3) Pour chopped salted cashews all over it

4) Let it melt in the oven, 175 degrees, until the cashews are starting to get some colour

5) Scope this devine sludge onto some crackers and be happy for the rest of your night!


One night in Madrid

A couple of weeks ago I speent one day and one night in Madrid. First time for me – What a nice city!DSCF3028

First thing on the do-to-list was ham hunting. I could consider ‘mission complete’ quite fast!


Here at the National Library – never seen a flag like this! MASSIVE!DSCF3040

In the evening a group of us went out for the one and only Madrid dinner. We went to chic Lateral. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a bunch of Spaniards cause otherwise  I wouldn’t be able to choose from their broad menu . Everything was sooo tempting! Anyhow, we ended up with plenty of delicious tapas that we scoffed while discussing the best survival trick for the upcoming Feria de Sevilla.
Btw, Lateral has six different locations around Madrid so you will never be too far away for a visit! I highly recommend!

The morning after Cafeteria Montesa filled me up with, what must have been, the croissant of the year!

DSCF3050 DSCF3051 DSCF3053

And then it was time for the train station… Sevilla here we come!

DSCF3056 DSCF3057

And what a train ride it was! Beautiful!

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 15.39.54

Madrid was cool, but nothing compared to what I was about to experience in Sevilla. One of my favourite holidays e-v-e-r. But that is another story.. dot dot dot


Busy Spring

Hi There,
Wow – this blog is really living its own life whilst I’m hiding in my dissertation bubble. 10 more days and I’ll be back. But I have actually been doing some other stuff meanwhile. These are some of my latest instagram pics.

Afternoon Tea at Laduree • Best Friends • Ping Pong Brunch Party
V&A • Royal Opera House • Alice in Wonderland
Train ride to Seville • La Feria • Cornelis ♥
Me and my Love • Wedding in Stockholm • Visten 


Postcards from Sweden

A couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend in SwedenDSC_0749 (1)

First things first – Meatballs at Riche, StockholmDSC_0754 (1) Friday night Dinner and a lot of singingDSCF2956


Saturday night and Ball at Uppsala CastleDSC_0760



After a traditional 3-course dinner the festivities went to the next level with a little help from some Snaps. 2013-03-03 01.42.02

 Sunday and a walk in Beautiful UppsalaDSC_0779


Greetings from Sweden

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