Project Management
Let me be your hands-on helpmate when it comes to managing specific projects. I love timelines, budgets and co-ordinating tasks!
Whether it’s for your website, newsletter, social media or the other channels you are using to reach your customers and prospects, I can provide engaging and compelling copy to help catch them.
I can help you create a content marketing plan based on your company’s overall objectives and goals. Monitoring metrics and how you measure your achievements are also included in this.
Editorial Calendar
Regular content updates are key to engaging your customers and prospects – and keeping them engaged. By letting me manage an editorial calendar for you, you will always have relevant content ready for when it needs to go out.
Often, non-native English companies deprioritise our number one international language, even though they are seeking to target an international audience. Through my extended network of translators and sub-editors, I can manage the different phases of translating your content into a second or third language. At PourYou, we want to make sure everyone can share the benefits of your amazing company!
Website improvements
To help make your website work as hard as it can for you, I can make sure effective SEO is in place, that all links are correctly directed, and root out old and/or nonessential content to highlight what is really important.
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