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This blog was written 2012-2013


100 posts

100 posts  and almost 10 countries later. And that in one year. It all really kicked off in NYC last year. I’ve started the blog a couple of months earlier but I couldn’t find the inspiration to write. I was in London, my hometown since 2,5 years back and all I did felt just as a routine in my daily life – a bit … Read More 100 posts


Taxfree Must

When others go crazy about perfumes and alcohol you’ll always find me lumbering around the sweets. This has been a favourite the last couple of times. Milka Popcorn


Vis, Croatia

A big mix of posts from different locations have lately filled the blog and I hope it will make it even more interesting rather than confusing. And today is yet another place – right now I’m on Vis island in Croatia. Vis is almost like my second (or third) home and is, as well as Greece, a place I’m returning to for the fifth year in … Read More Vis, Croatia


Look Forward!

In a time of severe study burnout (boring!) plus the fact that I haven’t seen the sun in daaays and will most likely continue in this grey bubble for a while it is nice to remember your more elevating future plans. – Thursday. On Thursday I will have the last lecture of my life! – Sweden. Yes, Im going there again this weekend. This time to … Read More Look Forward!


Best of Bangkok – Picture Boooom!

After spending much needed 2 weeks in Sweden I headed out for my first ever visit in Asia. Our first stop was Bangkok and we flew with Qatar Airways from Stockholm with a lay over in Doha (possibly the most boring, i.e. no good food what so ever, airport I’ve been to. Fortunately we were only there for couple of hours) Qatar Airways was … Read More Best of Bangkok – Picture Boooom!


Country weekend

This weekend I’m on the country side again. This time it’s Cotswolds turn! We are a big group of people staying at the beautiful Bibury Court! More updates to come…



The new iPad got delivered to my house today and I am so excited! Let’s see if it can meet all my expectations. It is very interesting to see how the magazine industry will do now as they are getting more established online and can read the market better. There are so many opportunities. I am about to launch an Ipad magazine myself as … Read More iPad



2004 was the year when my grey-haired, very old, high school librarian preached about a new phenomenon – blogging! The questions were many; What is it? What to write? Who would read it? And first of all Why would I? and Why would anyone be interested in reading?! He clearly didn’t know what he was talking about so I forgot about it. (And even complained … Read More PourYou

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