This blog was written 2012-2013


Sunday Brunch

Driving around East London a Sunday morning on the hunt for some nice brunch might sound like a fun idea.

Driving around East London a Sunday morning with two starving but picky and stubborn Swedes isn’t a good idea!

“Just look what’s behind the next corner…” “And the next” “And the next”

So please don’t repeat my mistake. Please just go straight to Sunday in Barnsbury. And please don’t let the long queue outside scare you. It’s totally worth it! (And Please try the pancakes)


Sunday is located just next to Caledonian Road & Barnsbury station but also not too far away from Camden, St Pancras/Kings Cross and Highbury & Islington.

For all of you who (like myself) have had one Eggs Benedict too many!


Flavours are so fresh.

The staff are super friendly.

My favourite brunch spot in London.


I know I’m not the only one who likes pancakes and there is so much jidder our there about pancakes at the moment. So I won’t say anything else. Just listen to this: “Buttermilk pancakes, blueberries, bacon, HONEYCOMB butter AND maple syrupIMAG0355

Sunday is changing their menu regularly and you’ll find their latest one through their Facebook-page. The place is also open for dinner – something I haven’t tried yet so give me a shout if you go!11738092_889491531145892_259416285343286973_n

169 Hemingford Road
N1 1DA, London

Opening hours:
Tues-Wed 8.30-18.00
Thur-Fri 8.30-22.30
Sat 10-22.30
Sun 10-17



Shake Shack, Covent Garden

YES. Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be. The queue was 50 minutes long and the burger was awesome. Just remember to plan a little bit – if you come here starving you will die before you reach the till! 


Located in beautiful Covent Garden


Many waiting visitors. Once you’ve actually waited for 50 minutes (or less – or more!) you get one of those buzzer thing and have to politely sit down and wait for yet another 10 minutes or something!DSC_1798

They have so much staff it’s unbelievable DSC_1801

FINALLY we got the food. Amina who’s a vegetarian tried the Shromburger and was very pleased. All cheesy inside!DSC_1799

Me on the other hand was VERY pleased with all the cheesy stuff on top of my Shake Burger

DSC_1802DSC_1806 (1)

I hope you can see how happy I am right?DSC_1807

So, I think Shake Shack is for anyone who’s craving the sloppiness you’d get at McDonalds but desire something much better than that. The meat, the cheese, the dressing, the bread – perfection!

Ok,  hands up anyones who wants to join me for 1 hour of suffering in Covent Garden! The satisfaction is hard to beat!


100 posts

100 posts  and almost 10 countries later. And that in one year.
It all really kicked off in NYC last year. I’ve started the blog a couple of months earlier but I couldn’t find the inspiration to write. I was in London, my hometown since 2,5 years back and all I did felt just as a routine in my daily life – a bit boring I assumed. NYC changed it all. It was something new, something I loved, and I interned at a lifestyle magazine which I guess gave me a spark of self confidence to actually publish something in English (my second language after all). Since then I’ve understood that where ever in the world I might be, there are people in other parts that are interested in reading what I’m up to, or learning more about a city or a cuisine.

I hope you’ve liked the first 100 posts and will continue to read the next 100+ as well. Here are some of favourite posts so far:

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“Secret” pastry recipes from my Grandma

Beautiful Mykonos

If I could I would celebrate with Lobster Mac n Cheese followed by the a-a-amazing chocolate dessert at Bob Bob Ricard and then run to the next plane back to Croatia and beautiful Vis. I miss my loved one!

Happy Sunday!

Sunrise on VisDSC_1608


Zucchini and Feta Cheese Pie – Vegetarian Recipe


As I said I’m back in London and this summer I share my flat with two wonderful girls. However, the girls are gone for the weekend so I made it a mission to create something out of all the goodies they (and myself) left behind in the fridge.
The result? A Zucchini Feta Cheese pie/quiche/tart/pastry (whatever your language prefer!)

Here follows a great recipe for a yummy filling vegetarian dish! I made the crust a bit more healthier than normal by using wholemeal flour and oatmeal as opposed to only white flour. The Greek Yoghurt adds a rich and nice flavour.

The Crust

1,5 dl wholemeal flour
0,5 dl white flour
0,5 dl oatmeal
75 g room temperatured butter
1, 5 dl Greek yoghurt
2 tbs cold water

Mix the flour, oatmeal, butter and Greek yoghurt together and add water. Place the pastry in your case (wiped with olive oil to make it non-sticky) and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. 


In the meantime prepare the filling.


1,5 zucchini, grated
5 small carrots, grated
1 onion
3 eggs
1,5 dl cream
1,5 dl Greek yoghurt
Salt and Pepper


Prepare the onion, zucchini and carrots as explained above and fry them all together. Add salt and pepper (don’t be shy!) and any other seasoning that comes to your mind and taste. 


Put the crust in the oven for 10 minutes. 

In a bowl, beat the three eggs and add cream and Greek yoghurt. Scoop the vegetable mix in and stir. When the crust got a nice colour take it out and gently pour the filling over it. 


I chose to decorate with yet some more zucchini slices and tomatoes. 


And the best part – feta cheese!


Place it in the oven for about 30-40 minutes. Watch out to not burn the feta cheese. This is the perfect colour for me so I placed some foil over the pie after 20 minutes to prevent more colour. 


And the result!DSC_1858


A nice Sunday summer dinner and makes perfect lunch boxes! I hope you’d enjoyed.


Taxfree Must

When others go crazy about perfumes and alcohol you’ll always find me lumbering around the sweets. This has been a favourite the last couple of times.



Milka Popcorn


Shake Shack in London

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 11.27.59
Exactly one year ago I wrote this post about Shake Shack NYC. I was so excited to finally have made it through the loooong queue. And the verdict was very positive.
20 days ago Shake Shack opened its first London venue, and lucky me – I’m back in London! So tonight Covent Garden is the destination and a Shackburger is the goal.

Anyone been there yet? Is the queue as crazy as on Manhattan? Are the burgers as good?

I can’t wait!

Picture from website


Ultra Festival, Split

Today is the day of the first Ultra Festival in Europe. The Miami concept is launched here in Split where I am so I will be attending all three days!
Yesterday I was at the Poljud Stadium for a sneak peak!

32.000 people are coming tonight


I’m going there with The Yacht Week and this will be their VIP-area


Summer Salad

The mini markets here on Vis have always been the opposite of impressive – until this year! Now you can find both avocados, asparagus and more than one selection of lettuce – Hurray! Unsurprisingly everything is very expensive but at least it gives you some more opportunities..

When doing research for the menu at new restaurant Fort George I found this GREAT blog. It’s by far my favourite food blog this Summer and I sort of plan my days around his recipes cause I can’t wait to try them all!

A couple of days ago I made a variation of this dressing (coriander and fresh chili are unfortunately not seen on the mini market racks yet) which was poured over a salad made out of walnuts, oranges, tomatoes, corn and cucumber. We also made two sides of asparagus and beets – just because we could!

DSC_1548 DSC_1559

Try and beat this view!DSC_1551 DSC_1566 DSC_1568

We couldn’t allow ourselves to go healthy all the way. Rosé wine in the glass and grilled cheese and ham sandwiches on the side!



Go check out this fantastic blog now!


Liquor tasting. Lipanović, Vis, Croatia

DSC_1431 DSC_1433

Two nights ago I came back to lovely Vis and one of the highlights so far was the local winery, Lipanović, we visited to see if they could supply wine and liquors to Fort George. With us home we got about 9 different liquors (or Rakias as they call the non-sweet grappas in Croatia) and we had a taste session. There were all kind of interesting flavours like walnut, fig, orange, and sage and after tasting them all once (or twice) we considered Rogačuša – St Johns Wart to be the winner.


A surprise was the Limoncello that was much sour than the normal sweet Italian you’re used to. I really, really liked it!


If you ever visit Vis you should go to Lipanović and try out their products. They arrange wonderful tasting sessions! These locally produced liquors will definitely play a big part on Fort George menus. The bar as well as the restaurant! Vanilla Ice cream with warm orange liquor anyone?! 


Mykonos – To do


What to do/Where to go in Mykonos if you want to…

… impress on old men – Learn to play backgammon

… tan to the best music (Party Beach) – Super Paradise Beach

… pay €17.50 for bread – Bakalo

… watch a drag show – Elysium

… dance to greek music – Bars in Little Venice

… dance with young people to the Spotify toplist tracks (from the past 5 years) – Skandinavian Bar

… feel what it’s like when guys are prioritised and girls ignored (Every girl should try this! :P) – Elysium 

… be at the best spot for sunset – Babylon/Elysium

… have to buy drinks to be able to dance – Jackie O

… spend a day at the best beach – Paranga*

… have a cheap meal – Gyros! Every street corner

… save a few euros – Rent a car instead of paying taxis

… stay at the BEST hotel – A-hotel

* Everything is perfect with Paranga EXCEPT for three bars playing music at the same time. Can be really noisy and unpleasant sometimes…

ElysiumDSC03490 DSC03493 DSC03502



Paranga BeachDSC03529 Just look at the waterDSC03533 I can highly recommend Tasos Taverna at the beachDSC03539 DSC03540


DSC_1348Skandinavian BarP1050162 Mykonos TownP1050182 BackgammonP1050227 LOVE gyros   IMG_2050  P1050310

So basically, stay at A-hotel but rent a car as the walk downtown is a little bit too far and you don’t have to deal with the taxi queues  (We were there low season and still had to wait for 20 minutes sometimes to get a car from the actual taxi square) Spend the days at Paranga beach or Super Paradise if you want more party (party starts around 6pm) and watch the sunset from Elysium if you want party or Babylon (downtown) if you want relaxed. As I said in the previous post the food held in general very high quality so don’t worry about finding good restaurants, however the island is quite expensive so go for a gyro every now and then to  stay in your budget 🙂 Bars in “Little Venice” are perfect to visit between restaurant and clubbing… And clubbing – I was a bit disappointed. Maybe high season offers more option because there weren’t many at this time. For this reason I didn’t go to Cava club which is, as I understand, a bigger club and starts around 2-3am. Probably it is really good during high season when you can fill up the place! Wouldn’t mind going back to try that out… Wanna join?!





Vintage Shopping in Zagreb

I spent  the  last 24 hours on a road trip from Split to Zagreb where we shopped for new concept Fort George. At the fort you will find a museum,  gallery, restaurant, bar and club with live music, so we were hunting for all different kind of stuff to decorate the place. We had already emptied the Reto Centar in Split so we thought we had to try the Zagreb one as well!

LOVE second hand shopping!

DSC_1422 DSC_1421  Buggy from the 50´sDSC_1420DSC_1418DSC_1424

Will give you an update of the things we bought when they are in place at the fort!