YES. Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be. The queue was 50 minutes long and the burger was awesome. Just remember to plan a little bit – if you come here starving you will die before you reach the till! 


Located in beautiful Covent Garden


Many waiting visitors. Once you’ve actually waited for 50 minutes (or less – or more!) you get one of those buzzer thing and have to politely sit down and wait for yet another 10 minutes or something!DSC_1798

They have so much staff it’s unbelievable DSC_1801

FINALLY we got the food. Amina who’s a vegetarian tried the Shromburger and was very pleased. All cheesy inside!DSC_1799

Me on the other hand was VERY pleased with all the cheesy stuff on top of my Shake Burger

DSC_1802DSC_1806 (1)

I hope you can see how happy I am right?DSC_1807

So, I think Shake Shack is for anyone who’s craving the sloppiness you’d get at McDonalds but desire something much better than that. The meat, the cheese, the dressing, the bread – perfection!

Ok,  hands up anyones who wants to join me for 1 hour of suffering in Covent Garden! The satisfaction is hard to beat!

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