100 posts  and almost 10 countries later. And that in one year.
It all really kicked off in NYC last year. I’ve started the blog a couple of months earlier but I couldn’t find the inspiration to write. I was in London, my hometown since 2,5 years back and all I did felt just as a routine in my daily life – a bit boring I assumed. NYC changed it all. It was something new, something I loved, and I interned at a lifestyle magazine which I guess gave me a spark of self confidence to actually publish something in English (my second language after all). Since then I’ve understood that where ever in the world I might be, there are people in other parts that are interested in reading what I’m up to, or learning more about a city or a cuisine.

I hope you’ve liked the first 100 posts and will continue to read the next 100+ as well. Here are some of favourite posts so far:

New York City Summary

Best Pizza Recipe

Hunting on the British Country Side

Picture Boom from Bangkok

“Secret” pastry recipes from my Grandma

Beautiful Mykonos

If I could I would celebrate with Lobster Mac n Cheese followed by the a-a-amazing chocolate dessert at Bob Bob Ricard and then run to the next plane back to Croatia and beautiful Vis. I miss my loved one!

Happy Sunday!

Sunrise on VisDSC_1608

1 Comment on “100 posts

  1. Congrats! I started following just before I moved to NYC from London and have loved some of your recommendations in both cities! Best of luck on the next 100!

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