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Two nights ago I came back to lovely Vis and one of the highlights so far was the local winery, Lipanović, we visited to see if they could supply wine and liquors to Fort George. With us home we got about 9 different liquors (or Rakias as they call the non-sweet grappas in Croatia) and we had a taste session. There were all kind of interesting flavours like walnut, fig, orange, and sage and after tasting them all once (or twice) we considered Rogačuša – St Johns Wart to be the winner.


A surprise was the Limoncello that was much sour than the normal sweet Italian you’re used to. I really, really liked it!


If you ever visit Vis you should go to Lipanović and try out their products. They arrange wonderful tasting sessions! These locally produced liquors will definitely play a big part on Fort George menus. The bar as well as the restaurant! Vanilla Ice cream with warm orange liquor anyone?! 

1 Comment on “Liquor tasting. Lipanović, Vis, Croatia

  1. Ο/Η dimitris λέει:oxi re sy kbaalates pws to ennow to prosopo. alla kyriws bgainei karta me thn fwnh k thn to spiti kathoti fainetai arketa k yparxei k kapoio antikeimeno sto video poy prodidei thn taytothta ths kanonikotata ( na mhn epektathw ) pantws se eyxaristw gia thn grhgorh antidrash (ton swsame ton theio apo kana egkefaliko ) k xairomai poy isxyei to moto oti apla me ena report sebesai k den xreiazetai tipote allo! always a fan!

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