What to do/Where to go in Mykonos if you want to…

… impress on old men – Learn to play backgammon

… tan to the best music (Party Beach) – Super Paradise Beach

… pay €17.50 for bread – Bakalo

… watch a drag show – Elysium

… dance to greek music – Bars in Little Venice

… dance with young people to the Spotify toplist tracks (from the past 5 years) – Skandinavian Bar

… feel what it’s like when guys are prioritised and girls ignored (Every girl should try this! :P) – Elysium 

… be at the best spot for sunset – Babylon/Elysium

… have to buy drinks to be able to dance – Jackie O

… spend a day at the best beach – Paranga*

… have a cheap meal – Gyros! Every street corner

… save a few euros – Rent a car instead of paying taxis

… stay at the BEST hotel – A-hotel

* Everything is perfect with Paranga EXCEPT for three bars playing music at the same time. Can be really noisy and unpleasant sometimes…

ElysiumDSC03490 DSC03493 DSC03502



Paranga BeachDSC03529 Just look at the waterDSC03533 I can highly recommend Tasos Taverna at the beachDSC03539 DSC03540


DSC_1348Skandinavian BarP1050162 Mykonos TownP1050182 BackgammonP1050227 LOVE gyros   IMG_2050  P1050310

So basically, stay at A-hotel but rent a car as the walk downtown is a little bit too far and you don’t have to deal with the taxi queues  (We were there low season and still had to wait for 20 minutes sometimes to get a car from the actual taxi square) Spend the days at Paranga beach or Super Paradise if you want more party (party starts around 6pm) and watch the sunset from Elysium if you want party or Babylon (downtown) if you want relaxed. As I said in the previous post the food held in general very high quality so don’t worry about finding good restaurants, however the island is quite expensive so go for a gyro every now and then to  stay in your budget 🙂 Bars in “Little Venice” are perfect to visit between restaurant and clubbing… And clubbing – I was a bit disappointed. Maybe high season offers more option because there weren’t many at this time. For this reason I didn’t go to Cava club which is, as I understand, a bigger club and starts around 2-3am. Probably it is really good during high season when you can fill up the place! Wouldn’t mind going back to try that out… Wanna join?!




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