Correct me if I’m wrong but Soho must be one of London’s most restaurant and bar crammed area. I always tell visiting friends to go to there if they’re central. “You will find everything in Soho!”

Yet, I’m not happy with my list of restaurants in Soho. In general they’re too expensive and a lot of them need reservations. Can you please help me build this list with nice, affordable, “pre-party-feeling” places? I know there must be loads of them!

In the meantime: Here’s my list!

1. Bob Bob Ricard
I’ve been to Bob Bob three times and the food is without exception magnificent. However the bill always arrives with too many zeros so save this place for celebrations and special occasions!

2. Ceviche
Good food and a nice vibe but again on the expensive side as they encourage the (small) dishes to be shared and they are around £9 each.

3. Randall & Aubin
The most recent restaurant I visited in Soho. Nice seafood and a mix of French and British classics. Prices around £15 for a main.

4. Zedel
Brasserie Zedel has been around for almost 100 years and also consists of cabaret venue The Crazy Coqs and bar area Bar Américan. I’ve only visited the bar which made a great stop between dinner and further clubbing. Can’t wait to try the restaurant – the french menu looks for once really affordable!

5. Wahaca
Nice when you’re up for some “Mexican market eating”. Good food but Mexican can be so much better…

6. La Bodega Negra
More “high end” mexican than Wahaca. La Bodega Negra is a cool restaurant and perfect before you go out but again on the expensive side. Only go here for dinner, lunch/café is quite boring.

7. Banana Tree
This is my only affordable contribution to the list. I could go to this IndoChina place solely for their Ying Yang Laksa soup and Lychee and Lemongrass Cooler!


This is it! How can I come up with only 7 options? And not one would be my “everyday restaurant” You understand I need some help here right? Please comment!


We can also work on another list:

Don’t go to:
Balance Café,

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