In a time of severe study burnout (boring!) plus the fact that I haven’t seen the sun in daaays and will most likely continue in this grey bubble for a while it is nice to remember your more elevating future plans.

– Thursday. On Thursday I will have the last lecture of my life!

Sweden. Yes, Im going there again this weekend. This time to dress up in a dress longer than myself, get confused over which way to look when you toast (swedish tradition goes something like: you look left-right-straight forward-drink (look down)-right-left, or something! And no making sound with the glasses!) and curtsy to older mens in naval military jackets. Hoping for good food and looking forward to the late hours.


– Madrid+Sevilla. I’m going to explore Madrid and later on La Feria in Sevilla. I’ve heard so many great things about this fiesta and I can’t wait to try out a dress! I can literally feel how the sangria is running down my throat and the sweat’s running down my forehead. I NEED SUN!

– Baby Mini. In late april a new adorable creature is coming to this world and my best friend Ehlin will go from being the awesome house dancing, fun, stylish woman she is now to an awesome house dancing, fun, stylish woman with a baby on her hip! And I will go from being… me, to a responsible godmother!

– Wedding Bells. Two weddings are awaiting this spring and the second one is my beautiful best friend (I am so lucky to have many best friends!) Sandra’s. Me and Michaela will make sure to be the best bridesmaids ever and the process of planning dresses, flowers, and an unforgettable bachelorette party is happening right now!

My friend Lidia’s wedding 2012. Who does the best jump?418546_10152010597865416_571363172_n

– 20th of May. I know most of the people in my course is freaking out over this date but I think it’s the most beautiful date ever. This is the date my dissertation is due and I will be FREE!

– Mykonos. And in order to celebrate this freedom properly me and my giiiiirlies are going to Mykonos! Hello Sun, Saganaki, Gyros and Mythos!


– The unplanned “Rest of My Life”. At this moment I have no plans after uni. Sometimes it scares me and sometimes I’m enjoying it. But most importantly – I am really looking forward to it!

Jens-Pirate-Booty(Picture Jen’s Pirate Body)

1 Comment on “Look Forward!

  1. Åh vilken härlig framtid du går tillmötes Sara!! Är lite avis på dig att du snart är klar, härligt jobbat!

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