This time of the year Semlan is a popular pastry in Sweden. When other people eat pancakes or dance in bright colours on Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday the Swedes are indulging in these creamy buns. And the day after, when other people start the lent, the swedes just continue to eat these for a couple of weeks!


I was in Sweden for 5 days and I had the pleasure to eat Semlor 3 times! Most common is that you buy them from the bakery but you can also, like we did in the pictures, buy the buns and make the filling yourself. Or you can be ambitious and make the buns as well! RECIPE

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 12.56.04 Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 12.56.27

My birthday cake came from the best patisserie!



My mini schnauzer LuddeDSCF2880 Best Mom and Best Friend!DSCF2887Table is set with china from Rörstrand – Mårbacka. The birthday lunch menu offered Ginger-Carrot Soup for starter and Roast Beef with Parmesan Crust (recipe from the latest Sainsbury’s Magazine) and Potato Gratin as main! In the evening I made my Best Pizza.But I was too busy cooking so I forgot to take pictures of any of the food! Sorry! DSCF2840



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