After spending much needed 2 weeks in Sweden I headed out for my first ever visit in Asia. Our first stop was Bangkok and we flew with Qatar Airways from Stockholm with a lay over in Doha (possibly the most boring, i.e. no good food what so ever, airport I’ve been to. Fortunately we were only there for couple of hours) Qatar Airways was good – nothing special. Lucky me I sleep like a champion!

We stayed at Admiral Premier located in an area called Sukhumvit (map). I was very surprised of the high standard as we didn’t pay much but I was going to learn that’s what Thailand is all about. Clean, big, nice rooms and… a rooftop pool!

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 15.12.27

2012-12-31 01.08.42

The first day was spent strolling around to just feel the atmosphere. We “cheated” and had a big western breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental (at least the name is a bit exotic) But it was well worth it.


We went on a river longtail tour. For only £15 we were taken around to see temples, the floating food market and much more. It was only me and my boyfriend on the boat, we decided exactly where we wanted to go and how long we wanted to stay. All in all we were out for 3 hours. Good right?!

2012-12-30 11.22.57


2012-12-30 11.33.50

2012-12-30 11.42.18


2012-12-30 11.43.29 2012-12-30 11.44.22-2



In the evening friends arrived and we went out for our first proper thai meal. I had waited a lifetime and I just couldn’t stop ordering! The pub had a very local feeling so we were happy. It didn’t have an english name but the thai was หัวรถจักร รางรถไฟ. (Means Locomotive Railway) and I couldn’t find a proper website either but here is something. Couldn’t recommend the place enough, def. worth a stop if you want a “real” thai restaurant. (At least that’s how I experienced it!)

2012-12-30 15.17.22 2012-12-30 15.17.38 2012-12-30 15.18.19 2012-12-30 17.18.42

Following day was New Years Eve. Even more friends arrived and we were shopping outfits for the evening, had massages and other pampers.

We celebrated at a place called VivaAviv by the river. There was a really cool vibe going on but I thought it was a bit “too” international with charcuteries for starter and beef with grated potatoes as main. Thais should stick to what they do best – thai food!

IMG_0117 IMG_0130


Afterwards we headed to RCA (Royal City Avenue) and danced our night away!

The first dinner of 2013 was at Banyan Trees roof top Vertigo and Moon bar, overlooking a beautiful and majestic Bangkok. Imagine having dinner on the 61st floor, open air… it’s really cool!

DSC_0319Lobster Spring Rolls

DSC_0320Tuna Tartare with guacamole and wasabi cream – it’s a winner!

DSC_0326Pumpkin Soup

DSC_0335Ok, maybe the view was the biggest winner of them all!


I liked Bangkok but I think 3 full days was enough. After all we had more adventures waiting for us in Phuket. Finally we were going to see the SUN for the first time! To be continued…

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