I have to excuse last weeks absent. Atm I am buried in books so stay tuned for my best study-at-home-recipe (which Im sure works for other NeedAQuickMealAndCantUseMyBrain-occasions as well!)

This weekend was spent in London and among other things I paid Bodo’s Schloss another visit (better this time). Last night I visited a Asian Fusion restaurant which I’ve been curious on for a long time; Inamo (lower Regent Street). Here you order your food from an interactive screen on your table. You browse through the generous menu and images of dishes are projected on your plate. You can also view your order, watch a live cam from the kitchen and call the waiter with only a mouse click.

Asahi Beer

Spicy beef and mango salad

We ordered a big variations of small dishes like Tuna Tartare, Duck Pancakes, Chicken Satay, Chicken and Lemongrass Dumplings and different kind of sushi and I was very happy and pleased with everything. Favourites was the Pork Fuji Apple Steamed Dumplings and Beef and Mango salad served in a spicy chili sauce with basil and coriander.

Chicken Satay

Tuna Tartare

Ok, hold on. I forgot the most important and the highlight of the night. The dessert! The wonderful Pandan Macaroon with white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate sauce and and Lemongrass-Coconut Sorbet! Heeeeaven! Do not make the mistake and get full of too many dumplings. You must save space for one (or two!) of these:

Ok. Back to my books. Catch you later!

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