This day started off well with a morning walk in Hyde Park and a Salted Caramel Latte from Costa.

Various pictures from my days in Hyde Park:



My first 6 months in London I walked through the park everyday to get to work. A perfect way to start your day!

If you come to London you should definitely visit this park which is one of the city’s largest. A fun way to see the whole park is to rent a Barclay Bike. They have about  20 docking stations around the park so it’s quite easy to find one. The smaller walkways are however closed for bikes so you can see a lot more if walk!

My beautiful Mom

Picnic in the park

My favourite in the park is the Orangery by Kensington Palace where they serve afternoon tea but Speakers Corner, Kensington Gardens, Dianas Memorial Walk and the Serpentine Café are other popular scenes.

Chocolate week last year. Chocolate tea and chocolate cake at the Orangery!

The closest tube stations are: High Street Kensington (SW corner), Queens Way (NW corner), Lancaster Gate (N) Marble Arch (NE corner) Hyde Park Corner (SE corner) and Knightsbridge (S)

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