Last night I met up with a good friend for dinner at Baity Kitchen and drinks at Eclipse in South Ken. There’s not much to say about the food (go there for lunch – not dinner) but I wanted to mention the drinks. Before 9pm Eclipse offer Molecular Mixology. It takes slightly longer time to get the cocktails but if you want to try something new it’s worth the wait.

The pink cocktail was Carmalised Cherry Sour and reminded us both of the Caribbean. Really good!

The light brown one, Divine Smoke, was a bit more exciting though. The waitress came with the bottle of liquor and gave it a careful shake. The glass was turned upside-down on the tray and when she turned it straight again cherry wood smoke seeped. She pored a little of the liquor in and then it was ready to drink! A new and interesting drink full of flavours.

“Joe Sorrell introduces a unique flavour into this drink by infusing G’vine gin with a cardamon and cherry wood smoke. He then adds fresh lemon and apple juice, elderflower, and coriander seeds with a subtle hint of grapefruit.”

I don’t know how you can get that many flavours in to one cocktail but this Sorrell guy certainly made it!

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