Another great weekend came to its end yesterday and I’m back to normal life in London again.

But the weekend was something special.. Friday night we drove about 2 hours west of London to the Barnsley/Bibury/Cirencester-area. We checked in at the incredibly charming Bibury Court and then met up with friends for dinner at The Village pub in Barnsley. Cosy The Village offered a great menu with lots to choose from and very good service considering we were a party of 35. I had my second Cheese Souffle in 2 weeks (but not the last), great farm chicken with dauphinoise potatoes & green beans and chocolate & orange mousse with short bread for dessert. The night ended with a round of Trivial Pursuit back at the hotel accompanied with some nice port wine.

Saturday was to be a long day so I started with a really good eggs benedict at the hotel breakfast. The egg had such a nice orange colour (and tasted so much better than the normal eggs you buy in the supermarket!) and the bacon was smoked to perfection.
After breakfast we went to Southrop to watch a gathering for a fox hunt where a friend participated. It was very powerful to see all the horses and hounds!

After several attempts of spotting the hunt during its.. hunt, we went to the Catherine Wheel for lunch. (No pics unfortunately) I wasn’t too impressed by the place and had an average Pork Chop with sauteed potatoes as main dish. However the restaurant was close to our hotel so we had a very nice walk back. Bibury is apparently the place where JRR Tolkien got inspiration for his hobbits.

At night we attended a ball organised by the hunt. It was a great set up with enormous party tents which were able to fit x 100 guests. Decorations were inspired by Morocco and cosy pillows and small tabels were placed in the bar area. A 3 course dinner served me my 3rd (!!!) cheese souffle in very short time but this time with added smoked salmon which was very nice! After dinner we danced for hours and hours until the DJ had played his “last song” for the 50th time. (Beside a short pit stop when “breakfast” was served. Having a hot dog at 1.30am is my favourite meal any day of the week!)

Sunday we “missed” breakfast and had a long sleep-in. The whole day was spent at Bibury Court eating lunch, reading newspapers, strolling around the area, playing Scramble, eating more and gossiping about the night before. A normal Sunday more or less!

Slow cooked Duck Egg w beetroot, celeriac, polenta and hollandaise

Roasted Pheasant Breast w horseradish potatoes, baby onions and wild mushrooms

All in all a really nice weekend with good new and old friends. I definitely recommend anyone to take the chance and visit these areas. Everything is so cosy, relaxed and welcoming!

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