4 totally different restaurants I’ve been to recently and wanted to share with you.

Automat – American Brasserie – Mayfair – The best place for a lazy Saturday Brunch. And the best of all; 1) If you ask for a medium rare burger, you’ll GET a medium rare burger, 2) You don’t have to add salt and pepper to the Mac n Cheese,  3) You can get mixed blueberries and strawberries on your buttermilk pancakes.

The Wolseley – European – St James’s – Traditional European food served in a busy “café” atmosphere. I recommend you to try a variety of starters as they were my favourites when I went. Croustade of Quail Eggs & Hollandaise and Soufflé Suisse. MMM, Mmm, mmm!!! Oh – and the desserts of course, they have soo many to choose from!

Brown Cow – English – Fulham – This pub opened only 2 months ago and is a sister pub to an old favourite; Sand’s End. I wasn’t too impressed of this place but maybe they need a couple of months to find their feet. Service was lacking but my fishcake was good. Will give Brown Cow another try soon..

Veeraswamy – Indian – Piccadilly – Veeraswamy serves “luxury” indian food (if luxury equals price) and is the oldest Indian Restaurant in the UK. I tried a set menu and everything from the Green Tiger Prawn with coriander, mint and chilli to the Coconut with Palm Sugar Brulée was immaculate. I love the chic decor! Only question is if it’s worth it… You can get a good curry for much, much less money so unfortunately Veeraswamy is a One-Timer for me I think.


From The Wolseley; Soufflé Suisse and Amandine Coupe which comes with pistachio, hazelnut and almond nougat ice creams, whipped cream and butterscotch sauce


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