Let me introduce you to a new theme; One Day in…

If you live in or visit London you know you’ll end up in different part of the city at different hours of the day. And if you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for the perfect place to eat, and a perfect place to eat is the place which matches your mood best at that particular moment. Are you following me?

Read this guide and I’m sure it will make sense!

Healthy Breakfast – Moosh CaféThis is the place where healthy smoothies and juices will help you to revitalise, cleanse, energise and stimulate yourself. My favourite is the 5-a-day withmango, pineapple, orange, kiwi, banana and strawberry. They’re also luring with wholemeal toasts and bagels, porridge with fresh fruits, scrambled eggs and much, much more. Everything is deeeelicious and you feel so healthy afterwards! Almost like you’ve been to the gym without being to the gym at all!

17 Jerdan Place, SW6 1BE

Images from their Facebook Page

Hangover Brunch – GBKAll you ever want the day after can be found under one roof – the roof of Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Craving burgers (beef, chicken, lamb, buffalo or wild boar meat?!), fries (chunky or skinny?!) dipping sauces (garlic mayo, smoked chilli mayo, bacon ailoi?!) milkshakes (have to try the Oreo), onion rings? Ok, you get the point. GO TO GBK!

49 Fulham Broadway, SW61AE

Images from their website

Lunch with your girlfriend – MegansA simple and chick ‘part café, part delicatessen’ which is the perfect spot for a lazy lunch. The seating is divided into small sections so you will always be able to find your own little cosy area. Home made salads, quiches, tortillas and roasts are offered for lunch and you can mix and match how much as you want! Cannot recommend this place enough!

571 Kings Road, SW6 2EB

Images from their website

Afternoon Coffee/Tea – Del’AzizYou can’t pass by Del’Aziz´s window without having a liiiiittle sneak-peak at all the goodies they are showing off (just look at the picture below and you’ll understand). A perfect place to spend an hour or two with a big cup of Cappuccino and something sweet. Are you lucky you’ll get a place in their comfy sofa and otherwise the big, square communal tables are great! If you’re coming here in the evening you can expect live music and/or belly dancing on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays!

24 – 32 Vanston Place, SW6 1AX

Images from their website

Fine Dining – The Harwood ArmsFine dining is best in a relaxed venue, don’t you think?! The Harwood Arms is a hidden treasure of the best game and wild food there is! The food at this gastropub is prepared in a British traditional way and with a menu that changes almost daily, they ensure you will only get the very best of every season! The staff is very talented and knows everything about gourmet food and which wine to chose with your Red Ruby Beef. They are famous for their Venison Scotch Egg so definitely try it as a starter or while you wait for your company!

Walham Grove, Fulham, London SW6 1QP

If the menu is offering these munchies on your visit you are very lucky!

Images for their website

Late Night Dining – GuacaA quite new restaurant in the Fulham area but I have “managed” to eat there many times already. And the best thing is that they serve food until 12, 1 and even 2am (depending on day). They also have amazing drinks (margaritas in particular) so it’s the perfect place before you go out. Or the perfect place if the night didn’t turn out the way you wanted and you’re looking for something late. My favourites are the chili poppers, quesadillas with chicken and the nacho platter! MmmmhMmmmhmm.. I think I need to go there now! Writing about all these places makes me really hungry!

Images from random users at Foursquare

Ok, so now you know how to spend a whole day of eating in Fulham. Save the guide on your phone. You never know when you’ll end up here!

And Please share with your friends!

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