The past 6 weeks Ive had a salad for lunch every day. Might sound a bit boring but when it comes to salads, Americas view on a “normal sized portion”, suits me for the first time. If you order a salad here you get A LOT of food. You can choose a healthy one or like me – full fat dressing and tons of cheese. Either one will make you full but the latter one is probably slightly juicier 😉

The best thing’s how they toss and chop the salad. Everything to mix the flavours and you can’t leave the boring green leaves aside.

My favourite salad place around Fulton Street (where the Downtown Magazine office is located) is Just Salad (100 Maiden Lane
Gold Street) Try the Buffalo Chicken but swap the cellery to apples, Much better! Chipotle has good salads and many people like Crisp but I think the mix of hummus AND cilantro pesto AND avocado was a bit too much. You can probably find better combinations though and the falafel is always very good!

And besides the bigger chains, you can find “make your own salad” everywhere. You normally pick 1 meat and 4 vegetables and then they toss it for you.

Salads in Europe are unfortunately often created as a side order or a smaller main as they are “aimed at people on diet”. Time to mock the American salads and ditch the British sandwiches and I can promise we’ll all start a healthier lifestyle.

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