Something I will miss from NYC, and I guess the US in general, is the big selection of Mexican food. Every corner offers at least a couple of eateries and Chipotle is never too far away. You’ll find Chipotle and other Mexican restaurants in London as well, but you never “happen to run in” to one.

And the variety of the dishes is also much better  – of course – and I have tried to eat as many new things as possible, like tuna taquitos (and they are everywhere – not only the Mexican) and sweet potato empanadas, yumyumyum!  A new favourite, which I’d never actually even heard of before, is the Horchata. It’s a chilled drink which tastes just like rice pudding, or in swedish – risgrynsgröt i vätskeform! And it’s so tasty. More like a dessert maybe – equal to the Indian Lassi or the Thai Milk Tea. Please try it if you ever get the chance. Def. another “dish” on the list of Things To Do When I Get Back To My Kitchen In Fall!

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