As Im coming to an end of my New York-staying I’ve started to evaluate the goods and bads of this city. Here are 5 “trends” I would like to take back to London (or where ever I go) and 1 that I wished existed here.

1. Brunch Parties. NYC is famous for its brunch parties and London (and of course other cities) is taking after but is not even close. We need more to choose from than Love Brunch at Roofgardens and Bunga Bunga. (Not saying they’re no good – just we need more to get some competition started!)

2. Weekend Deals. The brunch doesn’t always need to turn into a party but New York-eateries know how to pamper the 9-5 workers in the weekend. Each street corner offers like 10 places where you get 2-4-1 cocktails, brunch buffees, all you can drink, free cocktail with meal etc etc.

3. Trendy restaurants open whole day. Good food isn’t only about evening-dinners and the restaurants here know that very well. Pastis for example – 5 different menus – Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner AND Supper (supper served 12-3am). So you can enjoy their food at ALL time. And I don’t think it makes the place less attractive. Undeniable, it works for them!

4. Hearty Salads. I will devote a whole post to this subject soon. Salads for life!

5. Being able to pay by card in cabs. Here London is waaay after!


Lesson from London to NYC:

1. SERVICE! Waiters, cab drivers, sales assistans.. This wasn’t something I out much thought to last time I stayed here but after 2,5 years in London I must say NYC needs to step it up on the service bit. There is no sincere helpfulness at all. Not even as they so famously “work for tips”…

1 Comment on “5 “Trends” I would like to bring back to London

  1. The hailo smartphone app in London works even better than paying with a credit card. No 5 should be taken off the list!

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