This whole week Manhattan has been steaming hot. I was invited (or did I invite myself when I heard ‘Boat’?!) to come down to south of New Jersey for a day on the water. It was amazing and so nice to escape the city for a while. After a full day of sun and waves we headed for dinner and ended up at Four Seasons Diner. This time I tried the Gyros again and it was much better than the last one but still nothing special.

BUT! BUT for dessert we ordered the Diner’s speciality – CINNAMON BUN PANCAKES and RED VELVET PANCAKES. And these were soooooo incredibly good. I just wished I had chosen them as main instead so I could have had them all to myself and been a bit more hungry, haha. I am crazy about Cinnabon and this was like a whole new level of that. They were so soft and melted in my mouth.

I know I will most likely never come back here again but these delicious pancakes will definitely be served many times this fall at Casa Mangsbo.

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