As I hinted in the end of my last post I was underaged last time I visited NYC. That said, Applebees, Planet Hollywood and every Diner you could find were my favourites. Basically you couldn’t go to a “normal”, “grown-up” restaurant, at least not in the evening, without being in the golden age.

This time I’ll stay here a bit over 5 weeks and I will crash at the same amount of friends. The week started out at my cute, French girlfriend who taught me everything about the West Village and the areas closeby. We tried out spicy cajun shrimps at a medioker pub I can’t even remember the name of (this was my first night and I was still hung over from a hen do the day before). The next day we had Mexican Food at El Cantinero (86 University Pl) that was more os less drowning in cheese. My friend even got a enchilda with ONLY cheese by mistake.. Food was all in all pretty good even though I expect I can find much better Mexican in this city!

While doing research on restaurants for work I found Westville (173 Ave A) and by coincidence that’s where my friend took me the same night! I had read they were awarded for their Mac and Cheese so I tried that while my company had amazing crab cakes. My dish was delicious but I feel like you always need something fresh it so we also ordered ‘Cauliflower Dijonaise’ which were with no doubt the favourite of the evening! Have to go back for them. I actually did go back to the restaurant yesterday for a Greek Salad-take away but it was such a disappointment!  In my opinion Greek Salad should have no green leaves but only cucumber, tomatos, peppers, red onion, olives and feta cheese. This was like eating a forest and I don’t know why they destroyed the fresh taste from red onion by replacing it with pickled?! Westville definitely need a third visit from me in order to get a final grade.

Closer to the weekend I moved to a dear American friend of mine just a few blocks away from Westville. The first night we strolled around NoLita and found the place Public. The place was very trendy and urban and so was the menu. Every dish featured something unexpected and different. Parsnip soup with Espresso creme fraiche, Marinated white anchovies with spicy saffron aioli, Lavender cured ham and so on! Definitely a menu I will take a look at next time the inspiration is gone. We ended up having ‘Fried Hama Hama oysters with shiso, sansho pepper, and wasabi-yuzu dipping sauce’ and ‘Grilled scallops with sweet chili sauce, crème fraiche and green plantain crisps’ with asparagus and edamame beans on the side. My scallops were nothing but awesome! Perfectly prepared! The asparagus were nice and the bowl of edamames never wanted to be finish. We tried for a long time but still had to leave some. Even though we worked us through some really nice dishes we couldn’t resist trying a dessert. We shared a Ginger cheesecake with grapefruit sorbet (picture), which was the best dessert I’ve had in a loooong time! SO yummy! Wouldn’t say no to go back to Public even though a bit pricy for my student wallet!


My first week of food experiences has been interesting. Definitely some really nice elements but I still expect more! To be continued…

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