I guess everyone loves those simple moments of happiness. When no effort is made and you experience pure enjoyment.

I found a place which brings me exactly that.

A couple of months ago me and my girlfriends met up central – Tottenham Court Road. As usual I found it difficult to find good and genuine places around that area so the google maps helped us to randomly suggest pubs. The Royal George caught my eyes as  Ukulele was one of their tags and since the time my mom arranged a whole ukulele band to wake me up on my 18th bday the instrument has a special place in my heart.

A bit tricky to find (you would never just ‘pass by’) we stepped in to the basement of Royal George with big excitement. Emma was the first one down but the rest of us didn’t get far since she, extremely abrupt, rushed up again with fear in her eyes.

– There’s a sect down there.

– What?!

– Yes they are very strange. Playing mini guitars. And they are all singing.

It proved to be pretty crowded downstairs by all those “strange” people so we decided to grab a table on the ground floor where we calmed Emma down over some bottles of wine. ‘It’s only a couple of ukulele playing somewhat-normal-somewhat-odd guys who’d like to share a pint over Bon Jovi´s Greatest Hits.’ And even though we didn’t join what actually went on in the basement (Except when we sneaked down to the loo, already one time too many to get an energy boost!) the whole pub got overflowed with a nice harmony. Whereas the food isn’t too much to cheer about and the service is absent we have tended to go back there. Only on Wednesdays of course.

Last week it was time again. On my way to the tube I felt happy not only to meet my friend but to actually go to this pub. In its simplicity it makes me feel good and I’m ridiculously grateful for the small things in life.

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