2004 was the year when my grey-haired, very old, high school librarian preached about a new phenomenon – blogging! The questions were many; What is it? What to write? Who would read it? And first of all Why would I? and Why would anyone be interested in reading?! He clearly didn’t know what he was talking about so I forgot about it. (And even complained about this unmodern librarian)

2 years later, of course, I posted 5 times a day and kept on doing so for many years until life caught me and I got too busy living.

But I kind of missed it. I love to write and think it’s a nice habit to get your thoughts on paper. (Or screen). So, I tried to come up with a special niche – Traveling? Cooking? Student life? Naah, nothing seemed good enough and I have postponed this blog launch so many times. Until now.

Here it is. PourYou.

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